Don’t stop us now, cause we’re having a good time in…. 📍 Jacksonville, FL

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first blog post where I tell you how to have a good time in…. 📍JAX, Florida! Hopefully while you’re reading and scrolling you don’t start to just see (blah blah blah…) but that you actually stay the whole time and find some spec of entertainment here.

Before I get into the activities and the food because of course you need to eat, a question you may have is “Where to stay on your trip?”

Well, in my personal option AirBnb is a great choice! Why? Well, they have a lot of options and housing varies in price so there is something for every budget. Now, it also depends on how long of a stay you have planned. I saw an Airbnb with this cute amazing little Gardeners cottage with this super nice pool, BUT if you aren’t there for atleast a week it’s hard to find time to use it. I will link that place here (roughly 65$ a night is a good deal too) for anyone else who may want to feel like you’re in a lap of luxury while on your vacay.

Enough distraction from the Airbnb we did not stay at. How about the place we DID stay at (what a concept.) So, we stayed in a cute little studio that has all your basics/ essentials and is safe!! Question you may be asking now, “How do you KNOW your Airbnb is safe? Isn’t it like living in a strangers home almost?” Well, it can be, but does not have to be and I will tell you why. With Airbnb, I have found a fantastic feature also known as the Superhost. This is in my personal opinion, the safest way to do Airbnb. With this option when you’re searching for a place to stay, you can filter out the second guessing of safety because the remaining locations once you’ve selected SH are all well spoken for by past guests and are given so many of the best reviews on their experience. I can say for myself with the past times I have used Airbnb so far I have loved each home. All have been SH and I would recommend to anyone searching for housing near their next vacation spot.


Here we are kicking things off after arriving to our Airbnb. We are ready to take on JAX with nothing other than a bathroom mirror selfie (because who doesn’t do that right?

Where was this show held you ask? At the Florida Theatre!

We really enjoyed the show and recommend you go see one there too, or just go during the day and check it out from the outside…

As an amateur blogger starting out, I sometimes forget to take pictures. For example, the bike shop… BUT I did link it for you guys. Okay so we asked the lady in the bike shop where to go in the area for trails, paths, etc and were recommended what is called Little Talbot Island. Now I’m sure her suggestion was goodhearted, BUT we did not look up how long it would take to get there by bike. So we got the bikes and headed down the trail keeping our eyes peeled for Little Talbot Island remembering we saw a sign for the entrance on the way to the bike shop, by car. Now keep in mind we were on bikes and thought why don’t we just use my google maps and see how much longer we have…. a smart idea until you realize you had it set to driving a car when we were on bikes. Long story short, we did not make it to Little Talbot for a couple reasons… 1.) obviously by bike it took way too long to consider that we keep pedaling along 2.) home girl was WINDED (no pun intended) attempting to ride over a bridge in the bike lane with cars passing us AND wind blowing towards us and against the bikes 3.) we only rented the bikes for three hours and did make a few stops, especially for me on the bridge and by the time we got there it would be time to go back. All in all, I would recommend it… I would just say go into it more prepared and you’ll be all set! The weather was nice and breezy too which was great. Living in Tampa can get a little hot and humid starting in late April/ early May, so it was a perfect time to go to a cooler area in northern FL!

Here’s us before the bridge shenanigans during happier times (jk we enjoyed)

After our bike riding extravaganza, we hit up the beach! We ate some good food, which I’ll get to here. So first off before the beach, after some Yelping and Google searching we found ourselves at Sliders Oyster Bar (insert flamingo emoji here.) I ordered shrimp tacos that came with blue corn chips and everything was outstanding. I once again forgot to capture the bf’s food (amateur alert), but he ordered a Shrimp Po’ boy and also enjoyed! This was my food for my visual people out there.

Lets go to the beach beach…

Here we are at Neptune Beach just in time for the sunset. I would have liked to stay for a little bit longer and enjoy more of the view… next time though. For now here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

And some pics of me being beachy.

And one more of us being a beachy couple.

  • DAY THREE: What’s more magical than a field of SUNFLOWERS? Nothing. Look at this! (Will insert pics below) In Mims, Florida you can go to Sledd’s crop maze and experience these majestic yellow flowing flowers. Also, you can pick some too! I believe one cost $2 so it’s worth it but BRING YOUR OWN SCISSORS as they do not supply you with any. Another thing, as one should expect with flowers, bees are not too far away and in this field there are plenty so be extra careful when choosing your flower! Here are some pictures of what the magic was like… 🌻
  • Here are some of me modeling in a field of sunflowers because why NOT
  • And naturally a pic of us being floral…
  • Now for the dessert… so back at the ranch (our Airbnb) our sweet host left behind a gift card for us to use at Whits Frozen Custard!! Free is for me!! So we had to go and it was good! They had a selection of vanilla, chocolate, and a flavor of the day (the flavor was Buckeye/peanut butter) in a cup or cone or a variety of other mixtures but we are basic and on a budget (insert laughing emoji here.)
  • Here is me modeling custard…
  • Last but not least here I am celebrating a successful trip!!!! With a leg pose and pics from the beginning of the trip (lol) because why NOT but yes it was a good time had by all and I would recommend these fun times to whoever reads this!
  • Thank YOU for reading!! 💕

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    1. Hey Carissa! Great blog. I have a blog too on WordPress, you can check it out – just click on my picture – it’s the path to my heart. You’ll learn as you go, and you’re already doing a great job! Can’t believe you were at Sliders on Amelia Island!! I practically lived there every day for a couple years. I lived in Kingsland, GA and visited Jax and the local area a lot – really loved it!! Congrats on your blog – keep it up!! Love you!! Auntie Donna

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww thanks so much!! ❤️ I appreciate that 🙂 I hope so too! How cool you have a blog of your own and are so familiar with the area!! Great food and location, right?!?

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Nice options for people thinking of going to Jax FL. Made me think about going & just placing that seed into someone’s mind is the start. Nice job Carissa!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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